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Please stop bullying - Little Dee - 07-06-2024

Most people play the game to have a good time. I've encountered at least a dozen players who only play to pick on people. If it were just a few players I wouldn't bother creating a thread. I thought I could go to vip or high rollers to escape them, but the boujee bullies are even worse. It's really not cute, guys. It's LAME.

RE: Please stop bullying - CharlesEatsFood - 07-06-2024

HONESTLY. The "be thick skinned or GTFO" attitude doesn't exactly help fill poker tables either.

RE: Please stop bullying - AKillerFawn - 07-09-2024

High Rollers on Xbox is LITERALLY "high school simulator" lol

It is gotten to the point where I just turned chat off and focus on playing the game.