Could not see hand in poker


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Just started playing a game of VIP poker and where it has names to the right of the screen my name did not appear, and nowhere was my hand shown. i tried different views but still no hand shown.

Also if it helps i was not in the first hand at all (not given option to call raise or fold and just skiped over) however i was in the 2nd 3rd.

Not being able to know anything i just went all-in. the first hand i tried this everyone folded and i was given the option to show cards, this was first time i saw the cards. On the second hand i went all in someone else called and both our hands were visible however at the end where it says what hands we had the white rectangle with my name finally appears, However it says underneath that i folded that hand even when i didn't.

I just lost 25,000 chips because of this.

I am currently uploading a clip to youtube (i finally pressed the share button for its intended use) will reply with link once uploaded



Thanks for posting.

Looks like some really odd/tight timing as the game kicked off. I see a ghost in the chair and then you join but before you sit down the cards are already being dealt. Was there someone other than you in the chair before you sat down?

We'll try to reproduce but it may be difficult so any more details that come to mind might be helpful.

Please submit for a chip refund.