Stop Allowing Tournament Cheating



As I have mentioned here before, there's no way the top 5 or so players in the survivor poker tournament can have the amount of wins in the amount of time without some type of cheating or exploiting a hole in the game or rules.
And once again, I only see 1 person on the leader board actually playing....and it's the same person as last time. So i asked him if he thinks there some sort of cheating...and he said "I believe so".
As mentioned to me last has to be people who go all-in and go from table to table.
It's the best explanation i can come up with, and certainly legal. has to more than has to be organized.

All you need is 6 people, the other 5 agreeing to let 1 person win, and pay everyone off when it's over.

There's also other people now speaking up during the tournament. People are not stupid.

As i asked last many hours was the winner playing during the weekend tournament? Because it's the same person again, and he's nowhere to be seen. Someone said they saw him lose a game on Saturday, but was not on long....and certainly not beating people the way it would take to have over 200 points.

I didn't even get a reply from anyone from DL last time.  You think a reply would be possible? Could you guys at least look into it?
And you can bet if one tournament is being scammed, others are as well.



Thanks for the report.  We'll take a look.



Maybe things are different, but I'm on PS4 and while the scores are high, they aren't out of the ordinary.  The scores in the upper 200s are fairly attainable if you grind it for hours and hours.  If you average 3 points per game, which is a good goal, you'd only need to play about 100 games.  Considering you can play 2 or 3 games in an hour (or more if you're aggressive), it isn't that crazy to see high scores.  I don't think you have to pay off others to let you win.  It doesn't have to be organized cheating; if you have the chips to risk all in every game,, you can easily blow through a table in a few minutes and pick up a few points.  Maybe if the scores are upwards of 600, I'd point more to cheating.


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No, it makes sense what hes saying. I've been watching people come and go from HR as I'm there playing quite a bit. I play against some of these players and I've recognized certain people on the leader boards. The thing is, certain individuals dont seem to have the skill set to get up there. I can tell because I beat them 80% of the time. HR has little cliques that run around playing with each other. I've seen people boast about having 50 million chips when they lose like it's not a big deal. Either they've spent $3000 on chips or something is fishy. Idk it's something to look into.

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one season i saw in my hr room the two best of the leader board. they were there 24/7

i think its more an account sharing



If you suspect a player of cheating in Poker please report them using the in-game tool and we'll take a look. Forums are not the best place to do it, since these situations are best handled privately.