VIP Poker tables still getting STUCK



The Vip poker tables are still getting stuck when more then 6 try to get on.. as ive reported a few times seems to be when the winner ends up back on the table..and only unsticks once the winner gets up. Is there a patch in the works to fix these tables?

Also what is the plan to reimburse us once it goes live and people like my self buy chips with REAL MONEY??

I love playing poker but will not dump real money in this game if a known bug is still around. i havent seen you guys address this on here or twitter or facebook, can we get a little commucation some announcements

Suggestions ..

1- Remove ready button: No need for it at all let the timer do its job, also when people mash click the buttons to try and get a seat, it will not trigger ready mode causing the table to start with less then 6

2- Winner has a 5 sec time out so he cant lock the tables like now

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We've made many changes since the last PS4 beta update so many of the poker issues have been fixed. There is now a 5 second delay between the end of one game and the beginning of the next.