VIP RP consistency?



I'm going to guess it was intentional, but I don't know for sure and thought I'd bring it up.  At least for Roulette, you earn RP at a slower rate in the VIP room than you do in the main gaming lobby.  The rate is about 150 winnings per RP on the main level, but in VIP it is about 250 winnings per RP.  (2,000 chip win awarded 14 RP on the main level but just 8 in VIP).  Essentially "you get more bang for your buck" by playing in the main level.  If you are trying to earn RP without going broke, you'd be better off to max bet in the main lobby rather than bet a few thousand in the VIP room.  I do think the rates are the same when playing WAR or Blackjack though, which doesn't make sense.  If roulette reduces actual RP earn rates in the VIP room, why not the other games?