Bingo lag causing losses



So I was playing bingo and noticed it was lagging; when someone called bingo, it would go about less than a second before saying false and the game would almost immediately continue.  Sometimes multiple numbers would be called within a second of each other.  I figured if I hit BINGO, something wouldn't work right and I was correct. 

I needed N44.  When the caller announced N44, he immediately called another number as well.  WTF?  I smashed my R2 and L2 buttons, only for the option to go gray at the bottom of my screen and my chat to pop open and closed a few times.  After a few seconds (I think yet another number called) finally my BINGO registered, but not before several others called BINGO as well.  Gotta love when D.L bugs cost you chips!

- I restarted my app and Bingo seemed to be playing fine, until I was 2 numbers away on the progressive bingo game and the caller stopped calling for well over a minute.  Suddenly he called out like 6 numbers at once and the game was over.  I don't know if I would have hit a bingo or not, but I never even got the excitement of filling in my card and seeing.  Now I don't know what to do.  I really can't trust bingo to work right and actually let me have a fair shot at winning, but I was going for the hill climb coins.  Frustrating that I likely can't compete in the challenge anymore because of the freezing.

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I used to have the same problem. It had to do with my internet connection. There was times when it lagged when other devices downloaded or updated something. Took my bandwidth. I switched to a faster provider and have never had any problems with bingo. The loading issues with the game, on the other hand, can cause problems.