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I was in the blackjack tournament and it kicked me back to the main menu (never lost internet connection) and when I reconnected I noticed I had less chips (had approx 5500, now had approx 3200 upon returning).  My tournament earnings were also lower as I was at 189,000, but returned at 182,000.  I know you don't credit refunds for winnings and such, but it is bogus because I lost over 7,000 off my score along with chips because of server issues and that almost certainly cost me a larger payout by the end of the tournament..  When the tournament ended it said I was in 1st place, WOOHOO!  But 15 minutes later?  It pops up saying congrats I got 4th.  Gee thanks. 

So somehow in the final minutes I drop from 1st to 4th for a lower significantly lower payout.  Bad enough to get a random drop of 3 or 4 spots at the end and losing tons of chips, but how many spots did I fall because of the points and chips I lost?  What if the difference between 1st and 4th was only 5,000 points, and I lost 7,000 points because of server errors.  That isn't even including what I could have earned with the additional 2,000 chips I had taken.  Its possible I lost a difference up to 18% of the total payouts (got 7% for top 10, 1st place is 25%)., but at best I'll get 1,000 refund for the tournament if I'm lucky. 

It's just frustrating to waste so much time on a game and continue to constantly feel cheated.  I give the game a lot of credit for being pretty fair and lenient with refunds, but I think the bigger issue is that I have to ask for refunds for issues that shouldn't be happening.  I'm quickly losing faith in this game.  How about fixing issues that are costing us coins instead of upping the stakes (high rollers) to take even more coins?!

Moral of the story?  Always keep an eye on your chips, especially after a disconnect.  They like to wander off.

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I lost 100k to a blackjack glitch over the weekend in high rollers. Everytime I bet it would boot me from the table. But it still showed my chips as the same but it kept booting me. So, I figured I'd resart the game and try again. Upon returning I found all but 3k of my chips were gone. Filed a report, and while yes they're usually pretty good at refunding, I haven't heard anything nor do I expect to sadly.

Its to bad because I love this game. I guess I'll try again to get back to 100k.



You might have to try and re report it again. That has happened to me also. Sometimes the submit tickets don't go through. Especially on weekends, the tickets have issues..Try reporting it again. smile Or email them directly and see what they say.

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The problem with requesting refunds is that you never hear back and you may forget about it.  It would be nice to see your open tickets and actually be given feedback as to why you got denied and what you need to do about it.  That way we actually know our refund request was actually looked at and feel confident in whatever action is taken.  Maybe they just didn't understand what I was saying and they deny.  I'll never know it was a misunderstanding and they'll never know what the issue was without me being able to clarify.