Hairstyle question + some other things


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Hey DL,

So I was wondering. It may have been asked on some forum already but I haven't found it yet. The bunny ear hairband has a very cute hairstyle that comes with it. Is it possible to get this hairstyle without the ears (but instead just a normal basic hairband or nothing at all). It is very nice hair, but I can't find it in any shop or on in wardrobe. So is it possible to get it? (and if you make it available please don't make it too hard for me I fail at some games and I already find it a struggling idea to get the so beloved steampunk set out of slots, while not impossible).

Also will we see a sale sometime? O:) I know, I know it's maybe a little rude of me to ask, but everything is so expensive compared to well... PS home... So I haven't bought anything yet despite being interested in some items and I am interested in supporting you peeps too. It's  just 15 euro for a private apartment, ungggg, that was one section of that mansion. Well compared to that mansion I do have to say your private spaces are actually better as they come furnished (sadly not so that you can decorate yourself but that is something for a future update?) and the rewards are actually nicer from what I have seen. So I have to admit to that. Still I find 15 euro (rounded up) a little bit much for my budget =_= (also find the prices on the smaller items for real money a bit on the high side too).

Other thing I always encounter upon log in is that I get the September update box and it does say press triangle to never see it again... but I can press any button on my controller and it just doesn't go it always pops up and we're something like 8 months away from that already so yeah it's kind of time to not pop up on my screen upon log in anymore (I may have missed a correct button combination to select the don't show this message again option?).

I'm sure you guys can help me smile

~  HikariTenshi



Hey Hikari! The hairstyle itself is also available as one of the nobility items - rank 4 if I remember correctly.

We appreciate the support! There have been some chip sales in the past, but we haven't put clothing on sale before. That doesn't mean we won't in the future. We try to provide good value with our items, especially the Escapes. They include not only the space itself, but a collection of exclusive clothing items and minigames. In the case of the Ocean View Resort, you can even earn chips by playing. And if you don't want to spend real money, we have a good selection of clothing items available for purchase with your Reward Points.

The September update box issue is not a thing I've seen... could be that it's not clearing from your cache for some reason. You could try powering down your console completely and restarting it.