Split Aces Task



This task is stupid. Sorry but every time it comes up, I spend hours trying, changing tables and reloading the game and I never get split aces but as soon as it's not a task anymore, I'll get split aces several times.

Charlie Mac


While I whole heartedly agree I have found a very effective way of completing this task that has worked rather consistently for  probably about the last year for me. It can be tedious and sometimes costly but, never more than the $8,000 reward for it (  that is if your V.I.P 3 of course. ) #1. Get a table all to yourself. I know this sounds like a pain and an inconvenience but, it can be done and its worth the rewards to put in the effort. Wait for a time of day when the servers are pretty dead such as in the middle of the night on a weekday. #2. Fold and exit the game EVERY time until you get it. It seems as if it is based off of a random lucky shuffle. Every time you get up the deck resets and re-shuffles. Hope this helps. I have never spent more than an hour or so with this method.