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When will there be another chip pack sale. Your last sale was a year ago right around Halloween. Ever since then nothing ,i normally buy the 50dollar chip pack. I personal think the prices are way over priced 1million for 50dollars  i can go high rollers room and play craps and in 12 rolls its gone 50dollar wasted in 5minutes. I truly love the game but fake virtual chips are way over priced for real money.  Thanks for reading this hope to hear a response back.



Thanks for checking in! We do have sales many times throughout the year in both the Americas and European territories. The next time a sale launches, we'll certainly post on the forums.

Charlie Mac


Agreed. And I'll go a step further. How's about a double XP weekend? I can personally guarantee a small fortune from me if both of these were to happen at once.

“Trust but, verify”



I agree to both! The half-off chip pack sale for 400,000 was great and I did buy one. Having double RP would actually benefit all players if they're still struggling getting their VIP stats to max.