Craps improvements


New member

Just some ideas on how to improve the craps experience:

* Add 4-way Horn bet (bet on 2,3,11,12 split 4 ways) e.g. 100 would put 25 on each
* For place bets: allow rebet or set value to previous value. E.g. bet 100 on 4, roll 4, win 180, click on 4 again, it will show 5 on the bet screen, but should probably default to the previous bet of 100.
* Be able to configure default values for bets. Currently this is persisted in-game, but it sometimes gets annoying resetting these things after quitting the game.
  * Pass/Come/Field/Odds
  * Any 7/Any Craps
  * Hard ways
  * Horn bets
  * Place 4/5/6/8/9/10