[PC/PS4] Small, Active Moderation Team


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I have a suggestion that is a Moderation Team:

Although sometimes the casino can be packed and sometimes deserted, I feel that since the Four Kings Casino Community is getting larger and larger, a moderation team could possibly be put into place.

Digital Leisure can open up a recruitment form which will contain some questions to make sure that the player applying for this position knows what they are doing and they are fully familiar with the rules.

I would expect my idea to be only a small amount of people like 7 or 8 moderators at the most.

- While Moderators can do their job of keeping the community safe, this could possibly give the developers more time to work on the game, everyone goes home a winner!
- Support for the game can be greatly increased if this game has its own moderation team
- In the unlikely case of a hacker or cheater being fished out of the water, moderators can temporarily suspend the users play until a higher ranking staff member can take a look and apply the correct punishment, or not be punished at all!

- Will require a lot of trust since this role can very easily be abused
- A Moderator may get elected and they may use their roles for sinister purposes such as attempted access to Four Kings Database (Most likely wont happen but just a precaution)
- Moderators must be on a certain time unless a higher staff member has a valid reason (Why is this a con? People may take a lot of breaks and just not use those breaks for more important things)

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Hello Avos,

We already have a moderation team inside the casino. Some walk around wearing the DL Badge, while others play the game without it.