Nobility 10


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I have Nobility 10 but no or minimum wins in the last 2 weeks. Mostly playing bingo . Why other same people there winning every day a few Games? With nobility 1 or 2?
Thats Not normal. No Fun more. I want to play with fun. But this is not normal



Hi Herbie,

  As is the nature of games of chance, it is possible to both go on winning streaks and have runs of bad luck. Especially with bingo, where you can be playing against 30 or more people, winning consistently can be difficult. A player's nobility level has no impact whatsoever on the odds of the games.

I hope your luck turns around for you!


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Thats Not correct. Rules here online says different words.

And since 2 weeks the Player
Winning every day a Lot of games in bingo every day. Big games too.
In this Moment 2 games in a row again. I make a Lot of Screenshots .
Thats Not normal. Thats Not luck. In nö Casino in the World