VIP Guests


New member

It would be good if it were possible to front VIP Guests with some chips so they can play in the VIP room once you've invited them. I given 2 of 5 guest passes so far and with both players all they could do was run around, get bored and leave which seems a little pointless to me. Other than, that they got to see the VIP room. Since they don't have enough chips to play, nor enough RP to buy from VIP shop they really have nothing to do there.

Obviously if you were to add something this, there would need to be a few restrictions, like:
- A limit to how much you can front them.
- You should only be able to front chips you gained, so like I'm ahead by 750k at the moment, I should be able to front chips from that 750k but not the 400k I purchased.
- If they leave (or when pass expires) any chips left over (from what was fronted) should be returned to the VIP (so fronted chips can only be used in VIP room), and:
  - If they lose some or all of the fronted chips only the remaining would be returned (obviously), or:
  - If they gain chips, the fronted chips are returned and the remaining can be used anywhere in the casino.

And I know I can gift chips to people but I'm not made of money LOL. Just a thought.