Take Ring Poker out of VIP

There is never enough regular VIP poker tables and the Ring Poker table is always empty.

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Charlie Mac


Its the best game in the casino.

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I see people play it in the Poker Room. A few play it on VIP or High Rollers, but not too many, since some think it'll ruin their winnings and be broke after a few hands.

I honestly would keep it, because I still need that crown when I get four Kings.

Even if they keep it, we still need more tables in VIP - maybe a room expansion to hold more tables would be better. I just never see anyone at Ring Poker

Do Good - Die Great



YES! u must add more tables for poker in VIP.  3 isnt enough. remove the useless bar and put ring poker up there at least and add 1 more back. Every game that finishes has a pack of users waiting by it to hammer the x button to get on as soon as the game ends. leaving the casual user or those not quick enough to wait 35 to 40 minutes for the next game to end and hopefully hammer x fast enough to grab that one. its a bit of a joke.

nobody likes waiting 45 minutes just to play a game of poker. keep your users happy and provide enough tables for enjoyment pleeeeeAAAAAAASE!!!!

I'm #1