Fashion Show of Awards Clothes


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It's a lot easier to get excited about working for a Nobility rewards outfit if gamers see it full size on a model first.  Some of us have already earned several reward items such as Nobility 1 outfit, Level 40 Poker cowboy outfit, Cardboard robot, etc.  We would like to do a fashion show strolling through the lobby area from entrance to VIP doorway, wearing male and female award outfits with narrative giving the details on game/level/reward,  We have several models ready to go with this and if,, you think it is a good idea, we can line up the rest.  We might need to 'borrow' overnight any of the awards outfits that none of us have earned yet.  But first we would invite those who have won them to be the model for that outfit.

FYI:  Please look at  This is the link to one of my short (1 minute) videos.  I would do one of the fashion show using a screen capture system and then edit it to run any place you suggest. 

Then following week, a fashion show of the fashions being sold for rp or for dollars in the stores.

Please let me know what you think of this idea.



Cool idea! We may be able to set something up for this after the new year. We're not really able to 'loan' clothing, but I'm certain some of our staff would be happy to help out as models for some of the more exclusive pieces.