Pajama Party - You're invited!



Psst, you're coming to the Pajama Party, right? We're all going up to the hotel after poker, putting on our new slippers and cozy pajamas, and then we're going to do our nails.

It's too cold to go outside, so stay toasty inside the casino with the brand-new Pajama Party set! Available at Masquerade and Crown Jewels, you can now dress yourself in a variety of comfy pajamas, and keep your feet warm with the new Bunny Slippers and Paw Slippers. And while you're staying warm, why not treat yourself to a manicure - Short Manicured Nails can be found in Masquerade for female avatars!

Head to the Masquerade and Crown Jewels stores today and get yourself something snug from our cozy collection!