Happy Holidays - The 12 Days of Four Kings



The holiday season has arrived in the Casino with the 12 Days of Four Kings! We've decked our halls, put up the Christmas tree, and set the elves to work wrapping gifts for all of our players.

Throughout the event, make sure to log into the casino each day to check under the tree and unwrap that day's holiday themed item! You'll have a chance to receive the day's reward when you collect hidden chips. If you've missed rewards from earlier in the event, don't worry - you can continue collecting presents and receive prior items!

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays from all of us at Digital Leisure!

The 12 Days of Four Kings have come to an end, and Christmas is here at last!

Our staff are now out of the office and enjoying their holiday. We'll be back to respond to any requests, questions, etc. on December 27th so thank you for your patience.


  • Day 1: Snowman Sweater - Guaranteed to keep you cozy even in the coldest of weather, so you don't miss out on prime snowman building conditions. (It's made from real snowmen!)
  • Day 2: Earmuffs - Keep your ears snug and cozy and muffle some of the Nightclub noise with these fluffy accessories. Pair with your favourite Christmas sweater and a mug of cocoa for peak comfort.
  • Day 3: Nutcracker Hat - Don't be seen attending this year's ballet production without sporting this modest pile of hat.
  • Day 4: Nutcracker Coat - What's that under the tree - could it be? It's a Nutcracker Coat, the second piece of the Nutcracker set! Complement yesterday's hat with this noble toy soldier's jacket.
  • Day 5: Nutcracker Pants - These regal pants will keep the snow out so you can make snow angels and frolic in the woods with the sugarplum fairies all you want.
  • Day 6: Nutcracker Boots - Check under the tree today and you might unwrap the Nutcracker Boots! These fine footwear are masterfully crafted with Christmas magic by cobbler elves and designed to make perfectly crisp crunching sounds in the snow.
  • Day 7: Nutcracker Face Paint - Complete your Nutcracker outfit with this Nutcracker Face Paint! Return yourself to a simpler time, back when cannons were instruments, the men were made of wood, and mice were the size of bears.
  • Day 8: Elf Shirt - Today's present is the Elf Shirt! Due to a printing error the North Pole has an excess of human-sized elf shirts and they're passing the savings on to you! There's no better choice of attire for handing out gifts or spreading Christmas cheer.
  • Day 9: Stockings - These snug stockings can be found under the tree instead of on the fireplace! Protect your feet from the harsh winter's tiled floor and cozy up to the fire with some cocoa in these colourful footwear.
  • Day 10: Caroler's Outfit - It's a well known fact that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear. Grab the presents under the tree in the lobby and you'll be perfectly dressed for caroling merriment!
  • Day 11: Top Hat and Bonnet - Cap off your caroler outfits with a matching top hat or bonnet! This longstanding holiday tradition deserves a cheery traditional outfit.
  • Day 12: Holiday Party Jacket & Dress - Looking for something festive to rock in the Nightclub? The Holiday Party Jacket & Dress are the presents of the day - check under the tree in the lobby and unwrap these stylish new duds.



i didnt recieve the earmuffs after getting the hidden chips, although i got the sweater the day before... i will check todays rewards.



I got this yesterday after 7pm, so the rewards are usually a day late. I have the snowman sweater the day before too. Usually it takes like two grabs of the hidden chip presents to give me the rewards, yet they don't pop up until the next day passes in Canada.


New member

Also, after you collect this year's gifts you can also collect all of last year's gifts too so be sure to keep getting your presents!



Never recieved anything on Christmas day?
Also seemed to have missed out on the last gift as still haven't got the holiday party jacket. When will this be available?

EDIT: I got this reward on Christmas Day, December 25th 2019...

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