False Bingo's


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Lately the frequency of people calling false bingo's has been staggering. I can see if it happens every once in awhile, but this is not the case. Most of the time it makes a longer playing game even longer. I suggest incurring a penalty similar to the penalty in Digital Leisure's Paradise Springs Casino on PsHome. After a person calls a false bingo more than 2 times they should be kicked from bingo for 24 hours. Thank you Digital Leisure for bringing a virtual casino back to life again  smile



They are kicked if called more than two times  cool you can only call a bad bingo twice and then you are removed from the game.

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I reported a legit bingo and it was deemed false. I even saved the video clip to prove it was legit.  Maybe that's happening still so folks who actually have Bingo are calling Bingo and not getting credit.



We have a complete bingo rewrite that will be in the first update in late January which should solve the current problems.