L1 menu for quick responses

R1 does the animations menu would love to see you guys add L! menu for quick responses like HELLO, GOODBYE, THANKS, WHERE ARE YOU FROM?
basically a similiar menu that pshome had when your on game or whatever a quick response to say hello or whatever would be nice and easier than trying to type.
Plus im not a big fan of the chat box would love to see some options for a border on the chat box, some other fonts, basically pretty it up a bit make it more user friendly as chatting is a HUGE part of a gaming experience.



We're actually working on this already! Hope to get it into the next patch. Thanks for the feedback!

Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

Carla Birch


The is what the L1 quick text is like:

And when you are at game tables you get some game based text also:

The "Looking for players" One will say a global message saying that your looking for say poker players and it will auto edit the message to say the right number of seats left for a full table and what the buy in for table is.



The last option is really handy, though I like my own phrase  tongue
Ahh the good old L1 menu. Memories...  Hello - Where are you from?  happycry
Cheers Lia