Party Animals Pack Hits the Dance Floor




Now available - the Party Animals Collection!

Unleash your inner animal with all new animal-themed clothing ranging from masquerade masks to Medusa hair, fur coats, stylish dresses and more. Glam up your gaze with the new Cat Eye Contacts, or show people you're a cool and mysterious loner with your sweet Wolf Moon Graphic Tee. You'll be the beast of the ball with these items, now available in Masquerade and Crown Jewels!

New Items - Masquerade Store

  • Feline Masquerade Mask
  • Canine Masquerade Mask
  • Avian Masquerade Mask
  • Wolf Moon Graphic Tee
  • Eagle Bracelet
  • Ear Wings
  • Fox Sweater
  • Fur Coat
  • Leopard Print Dress (Female)
  • Leopard Print Jacket (Male)
  • Monarch Dress (Female)
  • Trousers with Snakeskin Belt (Male)

New Items - The Crown Jewels

  • Medusa Hair
  • Cat Eye Contacts
  • Winged Shoes

neil lynch


love the masks only downside is that mask still count as eyes , i bought the cat eyes before realising that sad  plus my white god eyes would be soooo cool with the masks.

Last edited by neil lynch (10 Sep 2019 16:42)