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Beware, DL will suspend players without giving them any warnings or explanations. Trolls can just roam around and harass people and you will get suspended if you respond to their nonsense. I’m on top of a leaderboard and can no longer compete today because I have been suspended. I had someone harass my friends and I yesterday and I was suspended for telling him to go back to his home and to get out of my face. I did not use any profanity or threats, but yet I was still suspended. I have been working hard on leaderboards all season and some troll has ruined my day. I feel that I have wasted my time and money. People that know me will tell you that I am not someone that is looking to start trouble, but I will defend myself and support my friends.

neil lynch


amen buddy happened to me a few times now. read my post ''suspended for calling myself king of bowling'' the exact same thing. I've been on the game since year 1, bought everything in the game but it seems it's trolls and idiots is what the dl's want playing they're game ??? so we get punished for making friends and swearing on a 18+/21+ game ?? and i also love the fact they justify it by saying that they record our reported chat which they don't because if they did none of us would get banned?

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We avoid discussing specifics of suspensions, etc. on the forums for privacy reasons but we review all the reports we receive carefully. The action taken depends on various factors including any prior history, the nature of the language used, etc. If you want to discuss a suspension it's best to do that by contacting with your username

As always, our recommendation for dealing with trolls or other abusive users is simply to report them and then block if necessary. When reviewing reports, abusive language etc. is treated the same way regardless of if a user is responding to a troll.