Snowball Companion REcycled???

I like the snowball companion.  I've been enjoying it lots, but has anyone stopped to take a good look at it?  I mean really study it.  What does it look like?  Well go to the Lobby and look at the banisters and railings around Big 6, War and VIP areas...  see the ball on top of the banister and railings...  That's the SNOWBALL COMPANION!!!!  Same texture/skin/shape. Thought you could be sneaky huh?  I notice everything!!! LOL  Nice recycle you did there.  Hey DL you should make this a fun game maybe on twitter or here in the forums where players have to spot something small or strange inside the casino.  First player to correctly submit their answer wins an exclusive item or chip prize.  Now what's my prize for spotting this first?  XD hmmm...  100k chips?  Yes Please smile

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