Completed tasks reset?



I completed most of the weekly tasks yesterday, but logging in today they are all reset again, including the daily login and task completion bonuses that keep resetting.

What's going on?

I keep putting in bug reports and refund requests but get no response.

Also I got a VIP gifted to me, but when I went to use it, it wasn't there. I don't know what's happening it's like my account is resetting all the time. Although monthly task is fine etc...

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They are never gonna fix this. I haven't gotten full bonus for months for logging in and doing tasks.



As mentioned previously, this is a known issue that is caused by a specific criteria. We have corrected the main issue which is in our upcoming patch. In the meantime, when you complete a task or series of task, simply load the main menu and then close it. This will  ensure things are saved when you log off or even change rooms.

Charlie Mac


This fix does not always work. I usually change some minor setting to force an auto save before logging off and there's a 50/50 chance whether it works or not.

“Trust but, verify”



I have been doing this as I knew there was an issue,  but for some reason it is a hit or miss weither it works. thanks for the chip refund though.