Crashing after log in


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I have played this game for about a year and after the last update Version 1.221 two days ago I crash when trying to log in and my daughter also on her account. (Two different PC's)  We can get to the logon screen but then after entering information and hitting log in, it crashes out or freezes the system.  No error message.  We tried turning off steam overlay and validating the files, there is no issue on our end and no problem with other games or programs in our out of steam.  We have higher end demanding mmo games on steam that work fine.   Please help with this issue!   Running on Windows 10 Pro with Nividia Geforce GTX 760 and latest video drivers.



You can try deleting your registry settings: … 864742735/


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It is  just kicking me to my desktop and closing out the game. I tried deleting the settings in registry and verified my files.



Everything is still broken. Can't report ppl from the recent players menu. Still changing my outfits constantly when I log off and log back on. Freezing randomly when loading into a spot. Bingo repeat winners, like over and over and over, ppl glitching it/ lagging it. Trolls making a zillion accounts just to harass people, and now that I blocked so many trolls, they are randomly getting unblocked, since there seems to be a cap on how many people can be blocked. I can go on and on and on.

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