Forum and In Game Rules of Conduct - A Friendly Reminder


Community Manager

We appreciate all of the comments and feedback on the game. However, while you are in the Four Kings Casino and Slots and on the forums, we want to conduct things in a civil manner. When providing feedback, posting information, or discussing a product in the forum, whether it’s negative or positive, please make sure you are being relevant, constructive and polite. We take feedback from all kinds of sources (Twitter, Email, Facebook...etc) into account, even though we may not have the time to respond to every post or question.

So there are a few things we ask you to refrain from:

Violating anyone’s privacy or posting your own identifying information. We take down any phone numbers, addresses and any other personally identifying information that is posted in public. This also includes posting PMs from other users/officials in the public forums. We also recommend that you don't add anyone to your social media accounts, voice or chat programs unless you personally know and trust them.

Publicly accusing others of cheating, glitching, or other malicious/offensive actions. We refer to this as “blacklisting” or “naming and shaming”. If you think that someone is violating the Terms of Service or the Rules of Conduct in some way, report them through the in-game reporting tool itself (if you can) or through email. Please refrain from reporting In-Game infractions in these forums. If you find an offensive or malicious post on the forums, report the post using the flag button on the bottom right and a moderator will deal with it accordingly.

Trolling, flaming, bullying or being offensive: We will remove posts or threads which are found to be insulting, harassing, threatening or non-constructive and overly negative. We reserve the right to immediately delete any posting or suspend any user at our sole discretion.

Please don't post off-topic or redundant threads, spam, or "bump" threads - making a new post solely to bring it up to the top of the thread listing and push down legitimate discussions.

As well, anyone in the in-game Casino spaces with a "DL_" tag or badge in the username is a Digital Leisure team member and would be happy to help with any issues occurring live in the space. You can also PM them directly in-game should something of issue arise.

We want this game to be a fun social space. Please be a positive, contributing member of this new online community.

Thanks for your support!
Digital Leisure

Please note that Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to change/edit/delete/move/merge any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate, abusive, or incorrectly categorized.