Ran into a Bug? Please read before posting


Community Manager

Hi everyone, and welcome to the forums! If you're having any problems with The Four Kings, make sure to read this post first. Please keep in mind we are a small team and it takes time to fix bugs, but we work hard to resolve any problems.

I keep getting disconnected!

If you are still experiencing issues, make sure that your internet connection is both fast and stable. If you play with the Switch in docked mode, you may experience more stable connections by using a wired connection instead of wifi using a Nintendo Switch Ethernet adapter. If docked mode isn't an option, make sure you are close to your wifi router or have a strong, stable connection. You can also do a speed test of your connection at www.speedtest.net. We’re currently recommending at least 5.0 mbps Upload/Download to have a stable experience.

I ran into a bug, how do I report it?

We really appreciate your bug reports both here and using the in-game Bug Report tool. To report bugs in-game, go to the Settings tab of the main menu, then select Bug Report. If you find any bugs and want to send us a screenshot of it, or a link to a video, you can also email us at techsupport@digitalleisure.com. Detailed reports help us narrow down and fix issues, so please include any relevant details. If you can list consistent reproduction steps for the issue (if possible), that is the most helpful thing you can do in terms of helping us resolve bugs! We’ll do our best to keep you guys updated on what’s going on, and in the meantime we are grateful for your patience and support.

How do I capture a screenshot or video of the bug?
You can capture both using the share button on the Switch controller. Simply press to take a screenshot or hold to save a video of the last 30 seconds of gameplay. Both can be very helpful for helping us identify and reproduce bugs, so it's always appreciated! From the Switch album, you can post it on the internet to link to us.

Help, I lost chips due to a bug!

Players often lose chips on a bad bet, but occasionally players lose chips through a disconnect or bug. We're always working on addressing bugs and stability issues as they arise and are confident in the overall stability of the game, but if you have a bad connection or found an elusive bug, it is still possible to lose your buy-in. If you are playing Poker, you should be able to reconnect and rejoin your game in the event of a brief disconnection.

If you've lost a buy-in, the best thing to do if you are missing chips is to submit a Chip Error Report through the in-game bug reporting tool. This allows us to collect all reports in one place, which means we can get to your request more quickly. A detailed report can also help us identify and squish any bugs in the code to prevent it from happening again, if that was the issue.  We can check your claim against our records, and if you lost a buy-in or regular holdings due to an unforeseen error or disconnect we will refund your buy in. Please note that we cannot refund winnings.

If you are unable to log in to use the in-game tool, or if you have screenshots of the issue you'd like to show us, you can email us at techsupport@digitalleisure.com and we will try to get it sorted out there instead. Please don’t use the forums or social media accounts to ask for chip refunds – the public forum isn’t the best place for private support and it slows down our response time when we have to check many different points of contact.

Please do not abuse this honor based system. We trust our players to be responsible when it comes to requesting chip refunds. We have the right to refuse refund requests if we feel that a player is abusing the system. Spamming the Chip Error Reporting tool or submitting erroneous reports makes it harder for us to respond to legitimate requests and may result in a ban for continued abuse.