Cannot connect: Error disconnected due to inactivity


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I have tried to login repeatedly and it starts loading and everytime it hangs during loading and the circle fills part of the way up (different every time) and then I get and error screen that says: You have been disconnected due to inactivity. Please login again to resume playing (1008).

I have tried for several hours now and even deleted and reinstalled the game. I was about to purchase a package but not sure if I want to if I can't even log in.

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Having same issue. Been able to get on a couple times and get a few dailys done, but stuck with play bingo daily and when I do get on, it boots me off for inactivity when trying to go to the bingo hall. (Has also occured going to blackjack room, but eventually got there.)

On load screen the chip starts spinning like normal, the progress bar moves, then they just stop then eventually booted for inactivity 1008 error.

Sucks because I'm gonna get penalized with a daily progress reset if I can't get on and finish my daily, and I've been at 6 days in a row for a while now.



We've had some server troubles overnight but should all be corrected now.