Avatar Clothing, Animation and Accessory Suggestions

Versace inspired Robe similar to the bathrobe we already have but longer it’s too short in the back and with designs.

If your a new player to the game the female avatars have way better clothing items better styles for them. If you select Male avatars they don’t have as many cool items as the females. The Males need more cool sneakers,Beards,Haircuts and better outfits for the stores. Please look into this and try to balance out the fashion. The Males have too many clothes from the 90s and early 2000s. It’s cool and all but the Males need more fashion up to date for the 2010s up till now.

Males need more Punk Style looks and more Hip Hop styles.

(Leaderboard Jackets) Since it’s a new year can you please give us a previous used jacket body  design but give us something different other than the last 2 previous years turtleneck designs. You could even keep everything else the same at least just give us something different in the middle of the jacket. If you changed it up for the next couple years that would be cool you don’t need to change it every year but if you do change it to some kind of glow design that stands out and just upgrade the ones we have now I bet you would have more people wanting to have the jackets and wear them around. The ones we have now are too basic. I mean there’s a lot of clothes in the store that look better than the leaderboard design we have now. You should spice them to look flashy upgrade the ones we have now with glow in them similar to 2017. The game will grow and become more popular if you have really nice looking leaderboard jackets for many years to come. It’s what most people play so might as well have them looking really nice when we get them at the end of each season. They can become more valuable and wearable if you put the effort into it. There’s a reason people still wear the 2017 jackets.