Chat feature idea for Nintendo switch game



Is there anyway we can upgrade the chat feature? Like maybe integrate it with the Nintendo Online app? smile Other games let you text from your phone for the in game chat. It makes it so much easier & faster to type. It would be a game changer & make the social aspect that much more special. It would enhance the game tremendously & keep players coming back even more!!! smile

Also adding emoticons to the chat would be beneficial especially because there are so many people speaking so many different languages. Plus they’re short & simple.. smile

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They’re not going to do that.  The game doesn’t connect through NSO, so they cannot use the app for that.  They could use headsets for voice chat, however I don’t think any version does that either.


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I would be careful of whom you give information to ‘ Chat ‘ with better. This game needs proximity voice chat like Rust. But being a free to download free to play. Those features are expensive. Shame this game has a loyalty factor like no other. But the lac of voice without using 3rd party is a shame. Voice chat their is interesting but Black Jack with a 14 year old calling me….
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