Email Login issue


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       I am having an issue with logging into the game.  I play on the PC and have a steam account. I've played this game before awhile back. Back then I used an email that I don't use anymore because of some issues with the provider and it got deleted. so I ended up changing my old email to my new one on my steam. now my steam account has been linked to my new email for many years now. I have never had any problems with any other games. I have recently wanted to hop back onto the four kings casino game.  There is one problem my steam id is linked to my old email address according to the login error message when trying to log into the four kings casino. How do I go about logging in on my current new email address that has been linked to my steam account for years now. Also How do I contact the game developers and have them delete my old account so I can make a new one under my new email.



Contact us at with your in-game username and confirm your old and current email address, and we can change your account's associated email for you.