Jackpot Chip Pack (preview)



Make it to where we could view jackpot chip reward items with our avatars before purchasing

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Yes let us put the outfit or accessories on our avatars in our wardrobe before we buy just put the option in there for the jackpot packs to go with the other stores so we can see what we are buying. And we should have the option to choose what jackpot pack we want to purchase. You guys and gals really need to sit down together and discuss this because it’s definitely a problem and could easily be fixed and you could make more money. What needs to happen is expand your GB storage to 10 GBs. The game will always be buggy  no matter what adding more GBs is necessary. We need you to step up and deliver. We are not asking for a whole new game here. Just some major changes that will impact the future of this game for many years to come. If you make the necessary changes it will having a lasting effect on all of us to enjoy for a long time. Backwards compatibly is not going anywhere. A ps5 upgrade  would be beautiful.


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I would love to be able to choose which rewards I could get. There are a few that I really want but the current way of obtaining them would cost me a couple grand. So even though I want them, I'm not spending over $2000 to get 5 items that I would gladly spend $250 on if it were an option.