Version 1.0.3 Update



Version 1.0.3

This patch includes a number of bug fixes and improvements, and also adds a new Easter Egg Reward to earn! Additionally, all the Series 6 Zodiac Fountain Rewards are now available to earn - sorry for the wait! Players who are up to date on their rewards will now have several new rewards to earn from the fountain.

  • Series 6 Zodiac Fountain Rewards now available
  • A new Easter Egg Reward is available! Can you figure out how to earn it?
  • Fixed an issue with some clothing swatches.
  • Fixed a Ring Poker issue that would cause a display glitch.
  • Fixed RP earned from Bowling not contributing towards certain task progression.
  • Fixed handling of closing the chat box and on-screen keyboard. Closing chat no longer also attempts to exit slots or tables.
  • Fixed an issue where the power indicator in Bowling would sometimes appear pink.
  • Fixed a UI display issue that could cause the Chip Store menu to get stuck on screen.
  • The Blackjack Event sign no longer appears in the Blackjack Room, only by the Event Room.
  • Various other bug fixes
  • Additional network stability



Thank you



Will you be updating the inventory of the Royal Reserve shops anytime soon?