Lionhead Ring while playing



Hi Digital Leisure!

I appreciate and LOVE the new Lionhead Ring that you guys just added and it's actually one of my favorite hand items now!

However, I was really disappointed just now when I joined to play a game of poker only to find out they get removed during gameplay which is a real bummer because the rings are pretty big and flashy and wanted to show them off while I play poker.

I get certain oversized items like spears, staffs, canes etc would cause a distraction while playing but these nice oversized rings shouldn't fall under that same category?

Please consider making them visible just like all the other nice rings you guys have, have a great day, thanks for reading.

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You're right - rings should usually be enabled for table games. We'll have to do a pass on those and get the visibility list up to date for the next patch.

Glad you like the new ring! It's one of my favourites from the Zodiac set too (I'm also partial to the crab-pattern swimsuit).



Thank You very much for the response DL_Jared!

Looking forward to when that update hits so I can proudly display these amazing rings while playing at table games!

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DL_Jared wrote

(I'm also partial to the crab-pattern swimsuit).

Me too, it makes my avatars butt look great lol


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