Impossible to win poker.

Evil Wolf


I sat down at the poker table tournament my best hand the whole time was high card 9.
people were getting dealt pairs of aces pairs of kings really high cards.

My hands were, 9,2 7,4 6,2 8,6, 9,4 and my final hand 2,3

people were hitting flushes full houses and the most I got was a pair of 2's at the end when 2,K,A come down and my opponent won with ace king it was hell on earth.
is the very end seat the worst seat? I have never won whilst sitting there and I never get good hands there either.



I typically get raked over the coals again and again until I fill up all 3 VIP meters. Then after that it's about 50/50 if I place top 3

Baccarat is blackjack for intelligent people wink



Usually the 1st seat is the bad one. Yet i see poker folkers that always try to get the 1st seat.
But yeah i have bouts like that, where you just get crap cards the entire time.
Just remember...1. its a game 2. Its mostly luck (80%)
Next time, bluff everybody maybe you can win?

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