Bingo Current Game Pattern Ideas



Get rid of the current game Bingo pattern display on the right side of the Bingo play area and incorporate the pattern right onto the six Bingo cards at play (as a highlighted or shaded visual template).

Or you could add an option for auto daubers to mark only the current game pattern numbers and ignore the ones that don't fit the pattern. One of my friends actually manually marks the area surrounding the current game pattern and lets the auto dauber do the rest. This is so that, the only auto dauber marks that are left are the current game pattern as the Bingo numbers are called (auto dauber cancels out the marks outside of the pattern, making them invisible).



Since this is a topic about the newest Bongo patterns so I'll write this here -

Out of all the new patterns which I do believe is 4 or so....there 1 certain pattern that does appear to be a W with an extra line in the center....but it also does appear to be something that can be seen as other words in can be seen as the Stone Cold Salute Aka The Bird aka The Finger lolz

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only 1 that see's this.

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I agree on this they should do this cuz its gets confusing most of the time

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