Still waiting on my 300,000 chips due to server issues

DL, I have been pretty patient with everyone regarding this. I only filed 1 report instead of flooding them like some other players do. I have followed up on twitter through DM and tweet but to no avail. Last thursday I started out with 20,000 chips. Through VIP blackjack I was able to work up to 320.000 chips. I was also able to complete the 2 daily tasks which were get a blackjack and double down on 11. I was also able to get 2 weekly tasks completed in earning 500 rp in blackjack and double down on 10 or 11 (5) times.  I exited the game and came back later that night to only having 20,000 chips. Not only were my chips gone but my weekly and daily tasks were back as if I had not completed them.

I have less than 5,000 chips now and its impossible to play the game that I like due to this server error. I fully understand that you have moved offices but you have people that are on these boards constantly and are twitter responding to network issues so it is next to impossible to have not seen my chip report. This is extremely frustrating because I play 1,000 chip video poker and VIP poker for 25,000 buy in. I cannot play either not because I lost all my chips but because the game glitched. I also would like to try to get to VIP 2 status again for April but with the not so hot start it makes it near impossible since I have nothing to play with.



Please forward the purchase confirmation email from sony to and I will process your purchase.

Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

Do you guys even read these or just automate a response.?



I want my refound damn. Zero answer. 2 days ago i have lost 279k on 888 slot and 40k at baccarat, ZERO REFOUND ZERO ANSWER, lost money becaue the game disconnect (in the first case it was a crash) but normally disconnect, the same if you are playing poker normal or vip.


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Do you guys even read these or just automate a response.?

I agree do they