NEW GAMES:Sic Bo,Omaha,Draw Poker,Joker Poker,Caribbean Stud,Inbetween


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Hi DL,

Some new casino games would be awesome! The current ones are getting stale:

Sic Bo - three dice and arithmetic. Lots of fun

Omaha - a great varient to T Hold'em

Draw poker - 5 card stud with:, 2 draws of 2; draw of 3,  then 2 then 1; kings and little ones wild 2 draws of 2, add  in wild cards, jokers, anything else you want want.

Joker Poker/Deuces wild - like jacks or better but jokers included and/or deuces are wild.

Caribbean Stud Poker, Let it Ride, - great 3 card poker games

In-between - two cards flipped, bet that third card lands in between.



I agree smile