Ideas for: a Companion App - why not?

Hello Developers and Staff of Four Kings.

This morning I was wondering, while browsing My Games, that a lot of Titles like Dying Light, Battlefield, Mass Effect, Grand Theft Auto, even No Man's Sky - have Their own Official and unofficial Companion Apps to keep Players busy when They are not home.

And on the Apple Store (as well on the Android Store) there are tons and tons of Apps that have Slots, Poker and so on - with a lot of micro-transaction and a kind of V.I.P. System too.
My thoughts are: why don't You do the same, but better?
You, as a Game Company could get a lot from it, and We as a Players Base too.

With a Companion App, You could (and would) target the product to a more mature (and huge, insanely huge) audience that will not only willing to get more and more Chips easily from Their phone, with an Account linked straight to their Console/Steam counterpart, but You would allow People to play (even for briefly periods) whenever They wish, on Their phone - and in a faster way.
Just at Games like Slots, Video Black Jack, Poker and so on!
No navigation with a 3D model probably, maybe a little Chat to open to discuss at the virtual Poker Table.

And all of this, with the same Character linked to their main Account (if a Player want it) or to a complete new Character.

Everything managed from a different Server (because You won't be able to play at a Console/Steam's version of a Poker Table of course, as an example).
Don't know, let me know what You guys think about it!
It's doable or....not?

And it could even open new possibilities to get some more (i hope - a lot more) free spins every day logging in and so on.


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Sounds like a bunch of stuff I don't really care for.  And whats with all the bold, italics and underlined stuff?

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A companion app is something we've thought about.
Doable? Possibly. Lots of other priorities on our list first.
Is it something you guys would be interested in? What would you want to see from one?


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DL_Courtney wrote

Is it something you guys would be interested in? What would you want to see from one?

No, I don't want a companion app.  It will only make things messier than it is.  I've seen companion apps with Assassins Creed Unity.. it screws up the game.  The only app I like using is the Playstation app where we can visit the store and message friends on PSN through our phones. I don't care to see one here

DL_Courtney wrote

A companion app is something we've thought about.
Doable? Possibly. Lots of other priorities on our list first.
Is it something you guys would be interested in? What would you want to see from one?

Well, Courtney: the possibilities are endless and of course, don't worry about toxic (with fake accounts) little peoples here.
I have some sub-Ideas for the Companion App, and one in particular that I'll fully explain in another dedicated Thread.

*Firstly, the App Players should (but it should be mandatory) be able to link their Console/Steam Account to the App.
*The Users Interface could be something simple, with a scrolling wheel to decide what Games to play after You open it, in a vertical way.
*All the Chips and stats would be the same as on the Console/Steam Version of the Casino, updating constantly or at every next access to the other platform and vice versa.
*As the Four Kings's Casino is portrayed in 16:9 on screen, every Slot could be a port of the Console/Steam Version so that everybody could enjoy the same Slot graphic from Their phone or tablet, just rotating the screen and starting playing.
*The Games that  are in My opinion perfect, for a Companion - but fully playable, efficient - App like this one would be:
- all the Slots;
- all the Machine Games;
- with a dedicated interface: Poker, V.I.P. Poker, Blackjack, and Bingo;
- the rest of the Games too, but it could be harder to to.
- the Daily Super Slot, without unfortunately (unless perfectly implemented) the chance to get the Trophy.
*The Users could gain an additional daily free spin just for login in.
*The App, after the User would allow the notification, would alert the Player every day about news, random facts (as in the loading screens) and with reminders for the free spins.
*The MenĂ¹ could be placed like little buttons on the top right of the screen, while the Chat in the top left.
*In a major Update for the Companion App (or even better, from the start) You Developers could create little 2D mini-rooms with classy, pixelated 2D versions of our Character.
*The Pixelated Character would differ from the 3D version We use already, but within this implement, You could sell a new set of fancy 3D-Retro-Wawe-8-Bit-Pixelated outfits on the Casino's Store for Players that wanna feel the same feel of Playing on the phone, just in 3D; and bigger. That's always better.
*The payments would be managed with the micro-transactions's system, and after the purchase You could ask the Player to rate the App.
*As in a lot, tons of Apps, You could give 5 free spins or 5.000 free Chips for a review and evaluation on the Apple or Android Store.
*People could buy from here, the Golden Ticket.

And about this last one, I'll prepare another Thread to discuss it but even just take it to the attention of Developers.
Every comments or positive critique from anyone, by the way, is not only accepted but highly recommended!

Final note for Developers: Players that may don't know already about the free Console/Steam Versions of the Casino will be more willing to find it out.
And the pool of Users with an App like this, not only unique (with the Console/Steam Account implementation) but enjoyable, will be huge.

Think about it.