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Hello! I am xSAULITOx and I come to make my first note. Today I connect to the game to see my friends and I see that an ad appears in error, says they reported my account for harassment or is a simple failure until 12/13/2016 ?. I clarify I never cheated or insulted people verbally. I am a quiet person just to be with my friends and have a good time, I do not understand the reason for the report this made me surely mistaken user. If you can remove me as soon as possible the suspension would be great because coming now the holidays is to be with my friends.

Your account has been suspended for harassment of others. Suspension ends: 12.13.2016, 15:47
My ID or Account is Filpix2013,

I await your reply soon, Thanks

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Hi there xSAULITOx,

  Generally we don't discuss account-related issues on the public forums for privacy reasons. For inquiries about the status of your account, please email Thanks!


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