Expand Chat Distance



Can you look into the chat radius ..with the new vip poker table you now miss half the rooms chat at the other tables. Can you expand it so we can hear all takles?



That's how they had it on Home Sin, if ya was on 1 side of the poker room, ya cant see what the other side of the room was saying, plus Home's poker room was bigger also lolz

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We've expanded the radius in the next build.


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How about voice chat? That would be neat.



NOOOOOooo! The upper level Poker table is the ONLY decent table to just play poker. All the trolls, and stupid interactions between table, with people yapping incessantly about their companions peeing on someone's leg are BLISSFULLY GONE at that one table.  Please KEEP THE RADIUS where it is! There are some of us who fight to get that table, JUST for the more peaceful and enjoyable game play it affords.

The entire VIP area should NOT be a mass communication spot. The virtual 20-25 feet is sometimes too much in the main table area, with all the comm channels too visible...Why is the Group Channel even there? PMs work, and if Group would ever segregate the playground yap from the general convos, it would be MORE than enough.  Don't make all of us be stuck with all the stupid convo, or none. Just like in any public establishment, people at one end should not have to hear the convos at the other.

Voice chat is available as a PS4 Party, which can be set to open, and then friends can chat, and their friends can join the party, no invite needed. No need to re-invent the wheel.

Of ALL the problems with 4K, expanding the chat bubble distance is not one of them.
It ain't broken, no need to "fix" it.