Bingo needs to be more random



I'm sick of seeing the player at number 1 on the bingo Leaderboard winning ALL the time. Most of the time I go into bingo he's there winning and whenever I'm in bingo he turns up and wins!
Come on DL this is ridiculous how one player can win so much. You have to look at the bingo Leaderboard to see the big gap between the top 2.
It ok introducing new bingo patterns in the last update but make the game more balanced for others to win.
If you can look back on the Leaderboard at the beginning of the season you'll see how he came from nowhere and bounced straight to number 1.
It's one way of clearing a bingo room because quite a few players leave when he wins and because a lot of us are sick of donating to him.

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge!!