Halloween Returns to the Four Kings Casino!




Halloween Haunts the Four Kings Once Again

New and returning Halloween items are available now in The Four Kings Casino and Slots! The Werewolf Costume and Floating Ghost are making their debut, alongside returning items like the Hockey Mask and Zombie Costume.

The Witch Hat is also being given away from now through to Halloween - simply log in and receive your free gift.

Find them in the Masquerade and Crown Jewels stores!

This Year's Treats

Crown Jewels
  • Skeleton
  • Zombie Costume
  • Werewolf Costume
  • Flying Bats Exit Effect


  • Hockey Mask
  • Floating Ghost Companion



FINALLY! My werewolf costume has arrived!

Last edited by ReccaWolf (14 Oct 2021 19:20)

What happened to the pumpkin head and the witch hat ?

Frankenstein Neck Bolts? another rare item that has never returned to purchase. I don’t understand if it’s in the game before why not bring them back for us to purchase for a limited time?

It’s like you don't want us to have some of the previously released holiday items it makes no sense it’s very disappointing because you know not everybody was around in the beginning when it first released

You shouldn’t hold back on some of the previously released holiday items when it’s in the game and people are running around with them wondering how to get these items especially now since u let us have all the previous jackpot packs they should ALL return every year for us its just a couple weeks or whatever most games do it.



From today through to Halloween night, the Witch Hat will be given out as a free item when you log in!

Ok thanks! What about the pumpkin head and Frankenstein bolts? I want to purchase them.

I don’t mean to be a pest. I am a collector and my goal is to try and get every holiday item in the game. I wasn’t really around much in 2015,2016,2017 and most of 2018. I did not start really collecting till 2019. I missed out on a lot of really cool items.



L3G3ND_N3VA_DIES wrote

Ok thanks! What about the pumpkin head and Frankenstein bolts? I want to purchase them.

Only the Witch Hat is returning at this time, in addition to the other items in the main post.