The Future of Leaderboard Jackets

That still is no excuse to stop something that was worth playing for. It’s like taking the best gun out of call of duty. It’s not right and it should be continued today because there are still a lot of players who are committed to the game and want to see it changed back to the old way regardless if people decide they wanna play 20 hours a day it’s their life and choice not ours. You’ll never be able yo stop players fro playing 20 hours a day especially if there’s 2 people living with each other who play the game.

Hear me out on this. I should of went to school for this and became a video game developer lol You talk about bloating the game size and that it’s alot of work ok I truly understand that no denying that but why not make placeholders in four kings for future jackets use torso designs already in the game just make a new design slap it on there with the year and logo and call it a day lol but you should have 5 designs for the next 5 years or 10 years. The game currently stands at 7.14 GB on PlayStation 4. I mean c’mon most games are at 50 GB some games are in the 100 GB range now it won’t hurt if you add a few more GB make it 10GB and not focus on new jackpot items, fountain rewards and leaderboard jackets that should be your main 3 and keep giving us new yearly Christmas items that will keep the game always feeling fresh and keeping up coming back. Please don’t make your most committed players suffer with no more new content. We need to always feel fresh. Eventually a stale game will always fade away.

*now focus on new jackpots

You could spend 3 months just focusing on future placeholders for the leaderboard jackets. It’s your best feature in the game. Without leaderboards it would be nothing but a mess! I’m not saying create new jackets I’m saying take already installed torso designs and just replace what’s on them now with a new fresh design but you should have many designs I like the floral design in 2019 there are many designs like that just twist it up some or make some new glow designs and just put those on jackets already in the game all u gotta do is create new designs for jackets and change 1 number on the year like if you put the numbers on the jackets you’ll just be changing 2022 to 2023 that’s 1 number each year keep the logo you already have it’s a great patch maybe shrink it a little to get the years in there and bam your not really doing as much work. Its still work for you don’t get me wrong but I think you can shortcut it by a lot if your using torso designs already in the game. Maybe I’m wrong but I think I’m right it’s 2021 computers are smart af now lol you can do it!