Seasonal jackpot question


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Hi, havent been playing very long but I had a question. On the seasonal slots I understand that a max bet must be made to win the progressive jackpot. Does that mean max bet on the floor version of the machine? Or the the max bet on the vip version? Does the chances of winning change if you are on the vip machine as opposed to the regular?



Hi its 3000 chips on the floor version,  for the JP required stake.

VIP room stake not required.

Also the VIP stake does not offer any benefits to the chances of winning any more than the regular floor machine,  nor does it pay 2x the account of RP

All it would do is charge double the stake,  but simply pay double the winnings as normal.

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To be eligible, it must simply be the max bet wherever you're playing the Seasonal Slots. So in VIP and HR, the required bet is higher than in other rooms. Chance of winning does not change.