New player enjoying the game, some feedback/suggestions though ..


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Is there any chance we could get some tables with slower blinds.
Current tables are fun enough, but can be a bit gambly with the turbo blinds. Having both options would be great.
Also Ring games with higher buy ins. I think the standard room should be 5k instead of 1k with same blinds. And VIP 1 25k with same blinds. The blinds are really high compared to the buyin.

Also multi table tourneys is what I enjoy most in poker, so would be really fun if you could add that.
That one is my biggest request. It's really how poker is most fun to play in my personal opinion smile

Also why not make the rooms bigger with more tables, instead of having so many instances?
Would help fill up tables faster.
Right now when there's no tables I have to leave/enter the room to see if I can find a new instance.

Anyway, really enjoying the game smile
Not sure if any of this will make it into the game, it's a lot of work ofc, but I really feel it would improve the game further.
Thanks for reading smile

(I'm xD Joker xD, you have probably run into me on xbox this month on the classic poker room smile)))) )


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Just realized there's a suggestion forum, feel free to move it big_smile
Also seems like I doubled posted.



Glad you are enjoying Four Kings! 

Thank you for the feedback.  We are open to changing the Ring Poker parameters but it would be great to hear from other Ring Poker players about their thoughts.

Instance limits are based around the hardware capabilities of the console/PC systems and the networking requirements so those are not likely to change.

There is a slow blinds table in High Rollers.

We may someday have a tournament.  We had a weekend tournament in our PS Home Paradise Springs Casino and it was well received.


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Ring poker is wasting space no one plays it except people who want to gift friends chips