We need 1 more HR Poker Table

Please add a 3rd fast blind 100k poker table to the middle of the room. Most days the majority of players wanna play fast pace games so 2 is not enough they are ALWAYS full. If we had 1 more to work with just like they do in VIP then I think it becomes more balanced and much less of waiting around. There’s too much waiting around in most days. It becomes frustrating when your trying to play the leaderboard. You wanna just keep playing but you can’t because there’s just not enough tables. There’s only a select few that prefer the slow blind table and it’s not nearly enough to compensate the face pace players. I think 3 to 1 is perfect instead of the 2 to 1 system. Find a way to squeeze another table in the middle of the poker room in VIP 2.

You can turn the newly added table sideways in the middle of the poker room in VIP 2.