Millionaire Manor - Hardest slot?



ANUB1S wrote
Superpinball wrote

Only one question: are you serious? Or are you saying that just because you heard it from your colleagues?
Have you played a multiple hours session of any slot?

I've got a question: are YOU serious? You're literally questioning the veracity of someone who programs the games because you don't know how this works, and you have a conspiracy theory? That's generally the attitude of conspiracy theorists like you, you never commit any thought to the fact that you might be wrong.

So since you say that a player who wins 5 consecutive times at bingo is RANDOM, then it is also simple to shuffle a deck of cards and draw the exact same card for 5 consecutive times. Right? Why don't you give it a try? Send us a video then



I've won at bingo quite often lately. I've also won at video blackjack often these last few days. That's REALITY. Now you're most likely going to call me a liar because conspiracy theorists like you always refuse to admit you MIGHT BE WRONG. Now THAT'S FANTASY.

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