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Hello, I've played this game for a little over 3 weeks now, and I really enjoy it. I play it pretty much 24/7 since i'm basically bound to my house(medical discharge from the Army). My hat's off to the DL team but the freezes and loss of connection is really starting to drain my chips. It wasn't a big deal at first, but every time i'm about to win a game of poker or i'm hitting big on the slots it happens, and I just get my buy in back when I report, not the winnings that I would of had. I pay for the chips I play with, just because i like to enjoy the game with more chips, but I'm not gonna keep buying chips if i'm just going to lose them from an error.



We're working on it.  It will take some time to sort out.



amen to that same thing keep happen to me and i now for the the past 4 chips report not even getting my chips back about to give up



DL_David, does the game keep logs of players that paid into a game and then end up not staying for the duration of the game (whether due to just leaving or internet connection problems or server glitches)?  Do you refund chips to anyone that complains of loss?

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