What are you supposed to do when people are being selfish with a game?



I just had a pretty nasty experience with someone who I considered a friend on here, [username removed] (they have since been blocked) I had been waiting for about 20 minutes in the bowling alley to bowl a game, she and her friend sat down to a new game and kept getting up when I sat down with them and yelling at me that I wasn't welcome to their lane because it was a "private game".

I had no other recourse but to try to sit down with them again a couple of times and explain to them that I have been waiting and waiting, and that it wasn't fair to exclude people for no reason other than they wanted to. I ended up just getting upset, calling them selfish pigs and blocking her. But basically they bullied me into getting their way, calling me names and continuously getting up until I finally got fed up, called them a name back and didn't bowl.

I'm actually pissed off to the point that I just turned off my Xbox and said screw it. What am I supposed to do about something like that? Are they allowed to take up an entire six person lane and exclude four people from it because they're having a little private party? Is that the way the game works?

You have to love a game where you spend hundreds of @$+# dollars each year on it only to not be able to play the game you want to because of selfishness. There should really be a rule that when you sit down to a game you're "locked in" because this whole mean girls at the lunch table Junior high BS of "We DoNt WaNnA pLaY wItH yOu" is just unbelievable.

Baccarat is blackjack for intelligent people wink


Community Manager

Reminder to avoid publicly naming other players in threads like these as per our forum rules - we've removed the username from your post. As for your question, if they are being rude or aggressive you can report them for abusive language as you can for any messages that violates our code of conduct in the game and/or block them.

Typically there's enough space in the room that if two people want to (politely!) request to play a 2-player game they can try to do so, but we would hope if it's busy and other lanes are in progress they'd be open to more players since it is a social game after all.